Non-Solid Artificial Bone

What do you imagine when you hear an artificial bone?
You may imagine anything solid shaped like a bone or titanium or any other metal instruments used as an artificial joint. Our artificial bone is not like these items.
ReBOSSIS-our proudly-developed cottony type, synthetic bone-void-filling material-is not solid at all. ReBOSSIS is not only soft: it feels and looks like real cotton, which is one of the great features of ReBOSSIS. Being shaped like cotton, ReBOSSIS is easy to handle & use in medical operations. ReBOSSIS is also featured with its high absorbability. It does not take a long time for ReBOSSIS to be replaced with a patient’s bone. Thus, ReBOSSIS is a really innovative synthetic bone-void-filling material.


Scaffolding Materials Create Reliable

ReBOSSIS is composed of intertangled chunks of very fine cotton-like fibers (their size is micrometers each). Such chunks of cotton-like fibers function as a proper ‘scaffolding’ to proliferate cells. Utilizing this ‘scaffolding’ technology created through our ReBOSSIS development, we proudly conduct a wide range of R&Ds in the medical field. For example, the application of cotton-like fibers as “medical agent carrier” by permeating antibacterial substances into the fibers, putting anticancer agent into the fibers, etc. Or the use of cotton-like fibers as scaffolding materials to cultivate fatty liver cells. These are just some examples of the possible developments based on the cotton-like fibers used in ReBOSSIS.
A much wider range of uses will become possible. Based on and utilizing various experiences and technologies we have obtained through our ReBOSSIS development, we would like to step forward along our path as a major biological maker mainly in the field of regenerative medicine also from now on just as in the past.