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Bone Void Filler for overseas market


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The world’s first cotton-shaped artificial bone filler with bioactivity evidenced by ISO23317 that went on sale in the United States in February 2015. “It is characterized by high bone shape performance, good bioabsorbability, and ease of processing.”
The number of cases of trauma and orthopedic surgery in the spinal area has already exceeded 8,000 (as of August 2021) and has attracted the attention of many orthopedic surgeons.

*Bioactivity has not been evaluated in clinical trials.
Combination of ReBOSSIS and syringe
“Pursuing ease of use and minimal invasiveness”

Bone Void Filler for Japanese market

Cell Culture Materials

Stem Cell Culture/Extract Sheet

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For More Efficiency & Cost Reduction
“Best Fruit of our Bioabsorbable Fiber Technology.”