Dear Patients All Over the World.

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  • Dear Patients All Over the World.

Sincere Greetings!
These days, more and more Japanese people say “100-Year Life.”
It is true that our country (Japan) is becoming one of the world’s top countries for longevity. However, just getting aged and old is not good.
The most important thing about longevity is how we should live a long life while staying healthy and how we should spend our golden years in a very significant way. Then, the following factors are highly important in our healthy long life:

1. Progress in medical technology,
2. Enrichment in medical systems and
3. Individual health awareness.

Under these circumstances, ORTHOREBIRTH desires to make a significant contribution to medical improvement as much as we can.

Such contribution by ORTHOREBIRTH are, for example, cottony-type, synthetic bone-void-filling material, microfiber-producing technology and cell-cultivation sheets. The technologies used in the three flagships of ours are relatively low-profile just like car tires-which do not look standing-out but indispensable for driving. Our technologies are indispensable for current medicine and regenerative medicine.

What we put a higher priority is to cherish a gentle heart and have a gentle cuddle for all patients in the world. Wishing for their quick recovery from diseases, quick relief from their symptoms and for a longer and happier life with more comfort, we have been proudly committed to R&Ds in various medical fields for the health benefits of every patient.