Stem Cell Culture/Extract Sheet for Research Purposes

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  • Stem Cell Culture/Extract Sheet for Research Purposes

This is Cell Culture/Extract Sheet designed for Stem Cells. ORTHOREBIRTH received some R&D Subsidy from Okinawa Prefecture and developed this sheet jointly with University of Ryukyus. This sheet is based on fibrous form made mainly of Bioabsorbable Polymer. And this polymer is also based on the nanofiber-manufacturing technology, by which we developed ReBOSSIS.

This sheet enables a user to extract and culture stem cells more easily at lower costs. Plus, this sheet functions as 3-Dimensional Tissue Regenerating Scaffolding Materials of high-level bioabsorbability.

At this stage, this commercialized sheet is designed to be used for research purposes. ORTHOREBIRTH plans to further develop and improve Stem-Cell Extract/Culture Technology, which is highly necessary for us to contribute to and promote Regenerative Medicine. We are determined to promote our R&Ds in the field of Regenerative Medicine more vigorously from now on so that we can contribute more to various medical treatments in Regenerative Medicine such as treatment of larger-sized bone voids, central nerve paralysis, breast reconstruction, regeneration of organs, etc.

This “Stem Cell Culture/Extract Sheet” (each sheet is 23mm diameter/0.2mm thick x 10 pcs/set) is sold by Funakoshi Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-Ward, Tokyo), a major bio business in Japan. This sheet is designed for research facilities and institutions.
We consider this sheet as our 3rd flagship following ReBOSSIS and ReBOSSIS QDS.

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