Teijin Nakashima Medical starts selling ReBOSSIS-J

ORTHOREBIRTH and Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter “TEIJIN NAKASHIMA MEDICAL”) signed a contract for sales and business alliance of cotton-shaped artificial bone filler “ReBOSSIS-J” (absorbent bone regenerated material) on February 1, 2022. TEIJIN NAKASHIMA MEDICAL will exclusively sell ReBOSSIS-J in Japan developed by ORTHOREBIRTH.
TEIJIN NAKASHIMA MEDICAL was founded in September 2008, and develops, manufactures, and sells medical devices such as osteosynthesis materials and spinal fixation devices, mainly for artificial joints. By utilizing the sales network and know-how that TEIJIN NAKASHIMA MEDICAL has built, it is expected that sales of ReBOSSIS-J will be higher than ever. ReBOSSIS-J will be used in many orthopedic surgeries, resulting in improved patient quality of life.