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ReBOSSIS (Cottony Artificial Bone-Defect Filling Materials)

The main market of our ReBOSSIS [cottony-type, synthetic bone-void-filling material] is the United States of America. Since the initial start of the sales back in February 2015, ReBOSSIS has been widely utilized in orthopedic surgeries in the field of trauma and spine. A great number of doctors have given our ReBOSSIS a highly good evaluation since ReBOSSIS is easy to use and has a high-level bone neoplasia.

ORTHOREBIRTH is also planning to sell ReBOSSIS in other markets all over the world. First, here in Japan, our home country. We have been proceeding clinical trials and other various kinds of required work for the approval thereof here. Also we have been building our own domestic sales system which will be completed soon. As for overseas markets, we plan to sell and distribute ReBOSSIS in Europe, East Europe, Russia and Taiwan. Especially, we are preparing to obtain CE Marking Certification in order that ReBOSSIS can be promoted and sold in Europe, the largest market among them.