Our Cotton-Use Technology Surely Contributes to Regenerative Medicine!

ORTHOREBIRTH is highly proud of its flagship, ReBOSSIS (cottony-type, synthetic bone-void-filling material). This innovative product is based on our own Microfiber-Producing Technology and Microfiber, both of which can be applied into really different medical fields.

Our Microfiber has two advantageous features:1)High-Level Bioabsorbability and 2) its fibrous chunk is most proper as scaffolding material. Taking advantage of these features, we have commercialized Stem Cell Culture Sheets and have been developing a new medicine-the hybrid of ReBOSSIS and special protein (containing β-TCP)-which is expected to promote bone regeneration.
These new products will surely become a great help in regenerative medicine. Furthermore, we have been working on the study on DDS (Drug Delivery System) in which medicine is kneaded into cottony materials and such materials is applied to the affected area of a patient. Thus, ORTHOREBIRTH’s Microfiber-Producing Technology has been applied in different medical fields and for patients in the world.

ReBOSSIS is Flexible & Soft Artificial Bone!

ReBOSSIS is defined as artificial bone, but it is not hard or solid.

ReBOSSIS is made of cottony chunk and is designed as bone-void filling material. Therefore, ReBOSSIS is wonderfully a lot easier-to-handle comparing to existing solid-type or granular-type artificial bones. The usage quantity can be flexibly modified in accordance with the size/shape of a bone defect of a patient. Then, ReBOSSIS becomes absorbed inside the patient’s body and replaces itself with the patient’s own bone. This is another remarkable feature of ReBOSSIS. ReBOSSIS has been sold and distributed in USA and used so often in orthopedic surgeries especially in the fields of trauma and spine. With these achievements in USA, we have been preparing in various ways to be able to sell ReBOSSIS in Japanese market.


Big Innovation in Cell-Culture

ORTHOREBIRTH’s Microfiber Technology has been getting lots of attention from a great number of universities, institutions and businesses engaged in regenerative medicine. ORTHOREBIRTH received some R&D subsidy from Okinawa Prefecture and developed & commercialized Stem Cell Extract/Culture Sheet for Research Purposes together with University of the Ryukyus. This sheet has two advantages:1) Our cottony sheet has been firmly confirmed to able to speed up cell proliferation. 2) Cultured cells on the sheet of high-level bioabsorbability can be implanted into a patient’s body without taking away the sheet. This saves the trouble of cell-transfer.
So, ORTHOREBIRTH’s sheets are highly expected to innovatively change conventional, labor-and time-taking cell-culture procedures.