To Release Stem Cell Extract/Culture Sheets for Research Purposes

We, ORTHOREBIRTH is starting the sales of “Stem Cell Extract/Culture Sheets” exclusively to research institutes. Subsidized by Okinawa Prefecture, we have developed this sheet jointly with University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa. The base of this sheet is the fibrous materials made up mainly of bioabsorbable polymer. Then, the bioabsorbable polymer is based on our own nanofiber manufacturing technology, with which we developed ReBOSSIS, the cottony-type artificial bone-void-filling material.
This sheet greatly helps you to extract and culture stem cells more easily and more cost-reasonably. Plus, this sheet also functions as scaffolding material of bioabsorbability proper for 3D tissue regeneration.
As mentioned in the above, the newly commercialized Stem Cell Extract/Culture Sheets is released for research purposes. Based on our technology, we are going to further refine the technology of extracting and culturing highly important types of stem cells in order to promote the level of regenerative medicine. Under our plan, we are going to further promote our R&Ds also in the future so that we can greatly contribute to the regenerative medicine, for example, in the fields of the treatment of larger-sized bone defect, that of central nervous paralysis, breast reconstruction, the regeneration of organs, etc.