ORTHOREBIRTH has started Capital & Business Tie-up with Dexerials Corp.

ORTHOREBIRTH has entered into capital & business tie-up with Dexerials Corp, a major maker of functional materials in Japan. Dexerials Corp. is famous for its medical goggles and its own unique technology of developing special films.

ORTHOREBIRTH is going to utilize precious financial resources from Dexerials Corp and put more energy into our R&Ds. At the same time, both of the companies plan to conclude Joint Research & Development Partnership soon in the future, based on which we both also plan to collaboratively develop innovative types of cell-culturing technology.

Back in December 2018, ORTHOREBIRTH started to release Stem Cell Culture/Extract Sheet for Research Purposes. Then, we think that the collaboration between the two companies will create more efficient base materials for cell culturing, especially by combining our fibrous scaffolding technology and the special film developing technology owned by Dexerials.

Conventional cell-culturing takes a lot of costs and time. But our joint technology will surely bring about a great change in the current cell-culturing technology.

Under the new partnership with Dexerials Corp ORTHOREBIRTH is going to make more contribution to the field of Regenerative Medicine through such joint development of innovative cell-culturing base materials.