How to Use ReBOSSIS

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  • How to Use ReBOSSIS

Instruction For UseEvery bagged ReBOSSIS is carefully packaged. Just get the product out of the package, and then ReBOSSIS is ready for use.
*This ReBOSSIS is sample products.

Take the bag from the package.

Take out the tray from the bag.

Remove the outer paper lid from the container.

Inject the proper blood or BMA into ReBOSSIS.

Mix them well.

ReBOSSIS has been mixed well with the blood or BMA.

Adjust the mixed ReBOSSIS to the defective part of the bone in size.

Original Volume Absorption of Fluid
10cc (0.4g) 3.5cc
18cc (0.7g) 6cc
25cc (1.0g) 8cc
50cc (2.0g) 16cc