What is the ReBOSSIS series?

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  • What is the ReBOSSIS series?

Advantage of ReBOSSIS

  • Handling Ability
  • Moldability
  • Fluid Absorption and Retention
  • Osteogenic Potential
  • Bioresorbability
ReBOSSIS® is an innovative-type synthetic bone-void/defect-filling material. ReBOSSIS feels like cotton. Products for overseas markets such as the United States, Taiwan, and India are named “ReBOSSIS®”, orthopedic products for the Japanese market are named “ReBOSSIS-J®”, and Maxillofacial and Plastic surgery products are named “ReBOSSIS-MS”, “ReBOSSIS-MT”, and “ReBOSSIS-MK”, depending on the distributors. These are collectively referred to as the ReBOSSIS series. The main components of ReBOSSIS, ReBOSSIS-J, ReBOSSIS-MS, ReBOSSIS-MT, and ReBOSSIS-MK are β-TCP and bioabsorbable polymer. They are basically the same, but we have made improvements to the ReBOSSIS products for the Japanese market. As it is cotton-shaped, it does not need to be processed to fit the size of the bone defect like the case with block-shaped bone-void filler. It is also easier to handle than granular bone-void filler, which can spill out of the filler. In addition to this ease of handling, the elasticity and resilience of the ReBOSSIS is another key difference from existing bone-void filler. The elasticity and resilience of ReBOSSIS allows for quick and reliable filling of defects of any size in any location. In addition, ReBOSSIS fits well, does not drop out, and replaces the entire filled ReBOSSIS with its own bone after healing.

Products are sold on consignment to
USA『ReBOSSIS®』: KYOCERA Medical Technologies, Inc.
Orthopedic Surgery in Japan『ReBOSSIS-J®』 : TEIJIN NAKASHIMA MEDICAL CO.,LTD.
Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery in Japan 『ReBOSSIS-MS』: SHOFU Inc.
Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery in Japan 『ReBOSSIS-MT』: TEIJIN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery in Japan 『ReBOSSIS-MK』: Kyocera Corporation

■For Orthopedic Surgery   Bone-void Filler

Product Information: ReBOSSIS

Country of Sales: USA
Approval Number(FDA 510(k)・Medical Device)K170620(Trauma), K172573(Spine)
Approval Date: June 2017 (Trauma), December 2017 (Spine)
Brand Name: ReBOSSIS

KYOCERA Medical Technologies, Inc.

Product Information: ReBOSSIS-J

Country of Sales: Japan
Approval Number(Medical Device)30300BZX00095000
Approval Date: March 29th ,2021
Brand Name: ReBOSSIS-J

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