The First ORTHOREBIRTH Business Meeting Held

The above business meeting was held at our annex to our head office on January 24, 2017. The participants at the meeting includes four members from Kaigen Pharma (Mr. Nobuo Nakagiri, Mr. Katsuki Yamada, Mr. Yasutaka Takenaka and Mr. Masatoshi Sato) who are responsible for ReBOSSIS production there, Mr. Doris Blake, CEO and Mr. Bob Blake, Senior Director in charge of Logistics of ORTHOREBIRTH-US,our American affiliate, and Dr. Geoffrey Stewart, special guest to the meeting. These participants had discussions with our staff members.
The 1st Meeting was really full of ReBOSSIS-based themes of various kind: Report by Dr. Stewart, Orthopedist, on the result of ReBOSSIS-using operations and clinical tests, Introduction by Mr. Osada, our researcher, of new type of cottony artificial bones, Report by Mr. Yabu, our researcher, on the business operations in Japan, Report by three members of Kaigen Pharma on the production status and challenges to be solved, Report by Mr. Blake, CEO on the sales promotion of ReBOSSIS in the States and its market trend, Report on R&D being conducted in Okinawa and so on. This meeting started in the morning and ended in the evening, showing highly significant contents of various nature to the participants.
It was a really meaningful day for ORTHOREBIRTH Group.