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We, ORTHOREBIRTH have been supported by many partners so far. The first partner to be introduced here is Dr. Toshihiro Kasuga at Nagoya Institute of Technology. Dr. Kasuga has conducted basic study for developing the cottony appearance and form of ReBOSSIS, which is its great feature. In other words, Dr. Kasuga is the father of ReBOSSIS. Still now Dr. Kasuga and ORTHOREBIRTH have been actively conducting the joint study for developing further higher-quality bone-regenerating filling materials and ‘scaffolding’ materials.

Kaigen-Pharma, who is a famous manufacture of cold and other types of medicines, is also our important business partner, since Kaigen-Pharma has been playing an important role in the ReBOSSIS production. Kaigen-Pharma and ORTHOREBIRTH signed the entrusted ReBOSSIS manufacturing agreement in May, 2016. Since July 2016, our ReBOSSIS has been produced at Kaigen-Pharma’s Otaru Factory under its highly severe quality control.

ReBOSSIS is currently sold in USA only. Then, with the aim of starting to sell ReBOSSIS in Japanese market, we have been making preparations, including domestic applications. In the course of such preparations, We, ORTHOREBIRTH signed the agreement on the joint operations for domestic authorization with KiSCO CO., LTD., in August 2016. KiSCO CO., LTD. is also our important business partner.
We have also been proceeding several types of R&Ds with different partners regarding other products than ReBOSSIS. Go to R&Ds for details.

KiSCO Co., Ltd.

“I felt that Mr. Nishikawa had and showed us a lot of affection toward his own product, ReBOSSIS. Much affection to his own product is a common thing among the presidents of venture businesses I’ve met so far. Plus, Mr. Nishikawa sees the great potentiality of ReBOSSIS and its technology very creatively, and desires to develop his business while contributing to the medical industry with ReBOSSIS and its technology. Mr. Nishikawa would like to more proliferate this product into the medical field. Then, in this proliferation process, he desired to ask for cooperation with us, KiSCO. When I was talking with Mr. Nishikawa, I felt his strong desire for business cooperation with us. I felt pleased and excited to know what he desired.” This is what Mr. Nakaji told about the impression he had toward our President, Mr. Nishikawa in their first meeting.
Mr. Nakaji also says as follows about our flagship, ReBOSSIS: “When I came to know ReBOSSIS, our company just started a new business of orthopedic implantation business. Then, I thought that ReBOSSIS would become a great solution! This is my first impression about ReBOSSIS. Conventional implanting somewhat reached a certain limitation. However, implanting technology coupled with ReBOSSIS would be able to solve the existing problems with conventional medical treatments and improve the quality of medical treatments. I felt that way. ReBOSSIS would become a great medical solution. ”

We, ORTHOREBIRTH, plans to sell ReBOSSIS here in Japanese market in addition to American market where ReBOSSIS products are already available. Mr. Nakaji’s runs his own company named KiSCO Co., Ltd. KiSCO is our business partner which is in charge of the domestic sales of ReBOSSIS. We hope that ReBOSSIS products will become available through the sales channels finely developed by KiSCO in various medical scenes and that a great number of medical doctors will use our ReBOSSIS and their use of ReBOSSIS will contribute to improve QOL of patients.

“First of all, we need to develop a ReBOSSIS share among the current artificial bone-void filling materials market and secure a big share of ReBOSSIS in the market before making a good coupling of ReBOSSIS and our own medical products in the future. For this purpose, we are going to reorganize our sales promotional system, which ORTHOREBIRTH will also feel proud of, for the mutual ReBOSSIS promotion. ORTHOREBIRTH and KiSCO would like to foster and grow our ReBOSSIS business together while trying various things.”

Mr. Ayumu Nakaji, President of KiSCO Co., Ltd.

Mr. Nakaji once worked as a secretary to the Chairperson of the Board of Otsuka Holdings, the parent company of KiSCO. Mr. Nakaji told us about what he learned as the secretary in those days: “When we try a new thing, we first establish a hypothesis and try a plan on the hypothesis. After the trial, we have to see the reality and will find a gap between the hypothesis and the desired goal, and then we have to have strong passion to bridge the gap vigorously. Even if we fail to achieve the goal, this is not a real failure and we just did not reach the goal. When our effort resulted in failure, then we learn one of the reasons leading to failure. ”

Mr. Nakaji went on to say, “Recently I came to think it is really important for my workers or colleagues to feel excited when I share my hypothetical business goal with them. It is very important to feel more and more excited while we work together, step by step, toward the goal established by our shared hypothesis. I mean it is really important to feel excited in working together, step by step, toward the goal and feel more excited when we get on the next step toward the goal. Let me compare our work to castle construction. I want the workers at both KiSCO and ORTHOREBIRTH to have a strong awareness that ‘we are building a big castle, not piling blocks to make a mere wall.’ Having such awareness builds the basis of our mutual true business partnership, I think. ”