Start Internship & Accept OkNCT Students

ORTHOREBIRTH’s Okinawa Laboratory is going to accept several students as interns from National Institute of Technology‚ Okinawa College between August 17 and 28‚ 2015. This internship program has been realized through Professor Shin’ya Ikematsu (Vice President of the College) of its Bioresources Engineering Dept. We are going to give the interns a precious opportunity to get involved in our own development of new types of cottony carrier‚ for anti-cancer administration‚ uniquely featured with sustained release capability and bio-absorbability. This development has been carried out together with Professor Shin’ya Ikematsu since this April‚ 2015. The interns will be practically experiencing our most advanced technology based on ReBOSSIS‚ our innovative artificial bone filling material‚ during the internship period.