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Application to Anti-Cancer Drug

One of the practical applications of ReBOSSIS Technology is to develop anti-cancer drug based on the technology. Since April 2015, ORTHOREBIRTH has been collaborating with a research team led by Mr. Shinya Ikematsu‚ Ph.D.‚ Chairperson of Bioresources Engineering Dept.‚ Okinawa National College of Technology and actively promoting the research on cancer treatment together. ReBOSSIS‚ coming in cottony flexible form‚ is excellent in shape-processability and is completely absorbed into human body after releasing its active ingredients. So, we are aiming to use such ReBOSSIS as an anti-cancer drug carrier. Usually ReBOSSIS contains calcium phosphate (that promotes bone formation) and other agents in its cottony form. These medical agents artificially form a part of bone after released inside the bone. Using this mechanism, the collaborative team is going to put into a cottony form anti-cancer agent instead of bone-forming agents.

Bioabsorbable polymer is used in ReBOSSIS as cotton-form material. This bioabsorbable polymer is completely absorbed into the body of a patient at the final stage of use. So, once ReBOSSIS, carrying and containing anti-cancer agent, placed and left on the affected part of a cancer patient, the whole ReBOSSIS is fully decomposed and absorbed into the body after releasing its anti-cancer agent, and nothing will remain inside the body. The medically effective period of ReBOSSIS can be adjusted for the benefit of various cancer patients by adjusting the elements of bioabsorbable polymer and the thickness of fibers in the cottony form of ReBOSSIS.

The use of ReBOSSIS-based anti-cancer is expected to provide a direct and better effect to the cancer-affected part of a patient than the use of conventional whole-body administration of anticancer, to help reduce the administration amount of anti-cancer drug and its side effect, to make targeting easier and provide patients with more effective anti-cancer influence. In the coming future, we would like to develop new types of ReBOSSIS carrying and containing not only anti-cancer agent but to any other various medical agents for patients suffering from many diseases.