ReBOSSIS sales start by Kyocera group company

ORTHOREBIRTH and KYOCERA Medical Technologies, Inc. (Hereinafter “KMTI”), a US group company of Kyocera Corporation, have signed on exclusive sales agreement in the United States on October 1, 2019 for a cotton-shaped artificial bone filler “ReBOSSIS” developed by ORTHOREBIRTH. KMTI will start selling ReBOSSIS in October 2019 under this agreement. However, until the end of December 2019, when the business transfer is scheduled to be completed, ORTHOREBIRTH subsidiary, ORTHOREBIRTH USA, will continue to sell.

KMTI is a medical device manufacturer based in California, USA, who handle spinal implants and artificial joints using 3D processing technology. ORTHOREBIRTH’s artificial bone filler, ReBOSSIS, is characterized by its ability to easily fill an amount according to the shape and size of the bone defect, and to be absorbed into the body and replace its own bone. ReBOSSIS was launched in the US in February 2015, it is gaining market share in trauma and spinal orthopedic medicine. Until now, sales have been carried out by ORTHOREBIRTH USA, but by outsourcing to KMTI, ORTHOREBIRTH aims to further increase sales of ReBOSSIS. ORTHOREBIRTH improves the QOL of patients undergoing orthopedic medical care and at the same time reduces the burden on doctors in the medical field.