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R&D Foothold
ORTHOREBIRTH Okinawa R&D Institute

Back on February 2, 2015, ORTHOREBIRTH opened its R&D Institute inside Okinawa Life Science Research Center (its postal address:5-8, Suzaki, Uruma City, Okinawa Pref.-located about 45 minutes’ drive away from Naha Airport).

Staffed by only five members (three experts and two assistants), this R&D Institute is equipped with most-advanced facilities. They include Electro-Spinning Device, Kneader, Electronic Microscope, Analyzers of various types, Clean Room and so on. The staff has been vigorously carrying out their R&Ds to further improve cottony-type, synthetic bone-void-filling materials and develop scaffolding materials such as Cell-Culture Sheets. Also they spend much time and cost in carrying out research & study on regenerative medicine these days. This R&D Institute in Okinawa and our head office in Yokohama are geographically quite far away from each other, but the most advanced video-calling system gets both offices connected all the time. Staff members on both sides are ready to talk with each other as if the two offices were next to each other.

Okinawa Life Science Research Center (5-8, Suzaki, Uruma City) is a functional building of rental laboratories established by Okinawa Prefecture, designed to function as a core facility for promoting R&Ds of various kinds and commercialization thereof by and among venture businesses and academic institutes. The purpose of this Research Center is to promote and industrialize scientific technology in the life science field.
Made of reinforced concrete and single-storied, this Research Center has its total floor space of 2,970㎡, on which about 20 rental laboratories are set up. Also shared experimental laboratories (equipped with various kinds of apparatus and systems) are available for researchers’ convenience.

Since completed on March 29 2013, Okinawa Life Science Research Center has been managed and operated by Bio-Site Capital, Inc.

Major Equipment & Systems at Okinawa R&D Institute

Electronic Microscope & Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyzer

Gel Permeation Chromatography

Powdered X-Ray Analysis System

High-Frequency Induction-Coupling Plasma-Emission Spectrometer


Clean Booth