Lecture at Japan Soc. for Biomaterials

Our President, Mr. Nishikawa of ORTHOREBIRTH gave a lecture under the theme of “ Medical Devices being Developed Globally ” at Symposium#1 of The 37th Convention of Japan Society of Biomaterials. This convention was held in Kyoto from Nov.9 and 10, 2015. Our President gave the lecture on Nov.9. Mr. Nishikawa talked about a wide range of things including the advantages of our ReBOSSIS, why he decided to start with American market, why his business successfully obtained FDA Clearance in a short term, the current business progress in USA, on-going anti-cancer study based on the application of ReBOSSIS Technology, and so on. His talks not only about the innovative medical materials but also about the current progress of his growing venture business drew a lot of attention from the audience. (photo by Mr. Jun Kurasawa)