Joined Panel Discussion in Okinawa

Our president‚ Yasutoshi Nishikawa‚ visited “Okinawa Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Forum 2015”and joined its panel discussion on February 26‚ 2015. This forum was held an integral part of “Project for Enhancing Commercialization of Local Manufacturing in Okinawa. This project has been led & promoted by Okinawa General Bureau and designed for creating new Okinawa-based businesses and industries and for revitalizing the local economy in Okinawa. Five panelists including Mr. Nishikawa joined the panel discussion under the theme of “How to Promote Strategic Manufacturing based on Geographical Advantages in Okinawa” The five panelists talked about why they decided to advance into Okinawa and how they made such advance. They also talked about their own strategies on manufacturing and starting a new business.