Tie-up with Gene Techno Science

ORTHOREBIRTH concluded an agreement with Gene Techno Science back on May 10 2019, aiming to jointly develop a remedy for palatognathous disease. Gene Techno Science is known for development of biomedicine.
Palatognathous is a disease defined as adhesion failure among mouth tissues of a baby during their fatal stage. If non-treated, the affected baby will have various problems in their life. Under the current treatment method, doctors use a patient’s bone taken from other parts of his body and regenerate the defective bone. But this method of autogenous bone grafting causes a patient to have too much physical burden.
The remedy for this disease to be developed by the two tied-up companies will be based on the hybrid between dental pulp stem cells owned by Gene Techno Science and the cottony-type bioabsorbable artificial bone-void-filling material owned by ORTHOREBIRTH. The remedy is expected to not only regenerate the mouth tissues more efficiently but also greatly reduce the patient’s physical burden. Both companies plan to start the clinical tests of the remedy by 2021.