Developing New Anticancer Drug based on ReBOSSIS Technology

ORTHOREBIRTH is now collaborating with a research team led by Mr. Shinya Ikematsu‚ Ph.D.‚ Chairperson of Bioresources Engineering Dept.‚ Okinawa National College of Technology and actively promoting the research on cancer treatment together. ReBOSSIS‚ coming in cottony flexible form‚ is excellent in shape-processability and is completely absorbed into human body after releasing its active ingredients. By using such ReBOSSIS as a drug carrier‚ we are aiming to newly develop innovative type of anticancer drug. Once placed on an affected area of a cancer patient’s body‚ such newly developed anticancer drug based on ReBOSSIS‚ containing anticancer drug instead of usual calcium phosphate (which promote bone formation)‚ is expected to work effectively in a longer period than conventional whole-body administration of anticancer agent by oral intake or intravenous injection.