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First off, let’s share with you some information about artificial bone. If a patient has lost a bone or any part of his existing bone as the result of any diseases or accident, the patient needs bone-void filling materials to get his lost bone or the missing part of the bone regenerated. Such filling materials, placed in the missing area or the dent of the bone, will turn into his own bone later. Such filling materials are basically soft and tender, quite different from a typical sold artificial joint used for treating a joint disorder. Such filling materials come in different types. Most of them shape like soft blocks or granules. On the other hand, our own bone-void filling material, branded ‘ReBOSSIS’ feels and shapes like soft cotton. This is one of the most advantageous benefits comparing to conventional types.

Our ReBOSSIS is innovative and unique, because it is very easy for any doctor to handle and use in his medical operations as he wants to. When an operation doctor needs to place a conventional type of bone-void-filling materials, the doctor and/or medical staff need to prepare enough amount of such conventional materials and also cut, trim or otherwise process such conventional materials to make them fit into the place: For example, bone-void-filling material of block type needs cutting according to the shape or other condition, and that of granular type may be overspilt from the place when the quantity happens to be more than needed. On the other hand, our cottony-type ReBOSSIS is well-designed to easily fit into the target bone-void by just tearing some of ReBOSSIS and rounding them with fingers according to the shape and other condition of the patient’s bone-void.
Being a cottony-fiber chunk, ReBOSSIS is also well-designed to be mixed with the patient’s blood. As a result, both the doctor’s burden during the operation and the patient’s physical burden are surely expected to be reduced.
The use of ReBOSSIS leads to decrease in an operation’s duration and increase in the accuracy in the operation.

レボシスはポリ乳酸、β-ReBOSSIS is made up of polylactic acid, β-TCP, calcium carbonate. Among these three ingredients, calcium is most in quantity. Human’s bone is mainly composed of calcium. This clearly means that ReBOSSIS is made of highly safe ingredients. ReBOSSIS is naturally and gradually absorbed inside a patient’s body (bone) and turns into his bone. Being composed of very finer fibers than our hair, the cottony chunk of ReBOSSIS functions as “scaffolding” materials to increase and proliferate new osteoblasts, and they will grow fused with the patient’s existing bone.

Currently ReBOSSIS is sold in American market only. Then, we have been preparing to be able to sell ReBOSSIS in Japanese market. ReBOSSIS has already been used in a great number of orthopedic operations in the States. Therefore, the introduction of ReBOSSIS into Japanese market has been our long dream. We know a great number of patients suffer from bone diseases in Japan.
Dear those who suffer from bone diseases,
Please wait for some more time until ReBOSSIS will be used for you. We are always with you, helping you fight against your bone diseases.